About Us

Our mission at Metalsmart is to help you get better deals on gold and silver by having precious metals dealers compete for your business.

Our “apples to apples” price comparisons provide transparency and a better way to find the best precious metals dealer to work with.

Buy with confidence and unlike other gold dealer matching tools, we don't allow every dealer on our platform. You won't be matched with unscrupulous dealers just because they are the highest bidder.

Metalsmart is the modern and most efficient way to buy physical gold and silver products.


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I am an entrepreneur and technology start-up executive with more than twenty-five years’ experience building technology businesses and products. Analytical by nature, I am passionate about using analytics and algorithms to solve problems. When I learned how some full-service gold dealers take advantage of their clients, I had to launch Metalsmart.

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Hannah Banana


Barking specialist

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I keep the team motivated by wagging my tail. Woof!


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Front End Engineer

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I am an Electronic Engineer with a passion for software. I love solving problems and creating visually appealing applications. Ping me if a button needs changing colors

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Back End Engineer

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I am a full-stack software engineer focused currently on the back end of applications. My special interest is in proficiency and communication between systems and people.

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Tech Lead

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I am an experienced Backend Engineer and system architect with 10+ years' experience from startups to big internet companies. My current focus is on open-source projects in decentralization and distributed systems.

Board of Advisors

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Our Board of Advisors has a combined two decades of experience in the retail precious metals industry. They know all of the tricks of the trade and why consumers should use Metalsmart when looking for a trusted full-service gold dealer.

Like Lending Tree did for mortgage loans, Metalsmart will change the way gold, silver, and other precious metals are purchased. Our trusted dealer network will always provide competitive pricing and great service. “You win when dealers compete”.

Our team has a unique combination of business, product innovation and software development experience. We have over 15 years of experience working for precious metals dealers, so we know the business and why it needs to change.

We are a Delaware Corporation based in the USA.